17 Jun 2013

How to Create a “WOW” Impression!

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Want to know How To Create a “WOW” Impression?

  • Lighting Rentals
  • Pinspot your centerpieces,
  • Highlight your cake,
  • Let us custom design washes for walls, ceilings or dance floors,
  • Add our Light-up Furniture & Decor,
  • Project your initials or monograms,
  • String Lighting / Paper Lanterns,
  • Dine/Dance under the stars with our Galaxy Laser Lighting,
  • Intelligent Club lighting and trussing,
  • Uplight your walls or tent,
  • Dance on the Clouds… and more!

Party Time Events is your very own full-time Lighting Designer!

  • We bring over 15 years of professional lighting design experience to every event.

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