Our MC’s

The MC is to the party what Jay Leno is to the Tonight Show!
Party Time Entertainment understands that choosing the right MC is crucial! After all, it is their professionalism and articulate microphone skills that will allow for a smooth and flawless event.

Our roster of Professional MCs include some of the best in the industry. No cheesy gimmicks, no goofy hats, no silly costume changes—when it comes to entertaining, our MC’s are the real deal… and truly are the difference, that makes the difference.

Interactive MC’s
Interaction level is always set by the customer, more, less or none… it’s always up to you!
Party Time MCs come prepared with a number of interactive audience participation routines that are sure to leave a positive and lasting impression on your guests.  Additionally, every Party Time Client receives a thorough Event Planner to help customize all aspects of the event.

Never underestimate The Power of a Microphone! (When put in the right hands… that is!)

We offer:

  • Boston Wedding MCs
  • Boston Corporate Party MCs
  • Boston Bar Mitzvah MCs
  • Boston Bat Mitzvah MCs
  • Boston Sweet 16 MCs
  • Boston Prom MCs
  • Boston Party MCs
  • Boston Game Show MCs
  • Boston MCs

Have Questions? Call us Toll-Free at (877)78-PARTY (787-2789)
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